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Good afternoon, I am following up on my last request regarding the tree in front of my home. As mentioned in our conversation on 9/15/17, my previous case was closed indicating that the tree waa pruned in which it wasn't. During this conversation I again requested to have the tree removed as with the first case due to the issues woth the tree which include bees and wasp that where in the tree posing a health risk for my grandson whom is allergic. On 9/15/17, the tree warden acknowledged that my previous request was closed in error, the tree had not been pruned however treated. It was indicated that my case would be reopened as tree removal and someone would be out to post the tree. To date, it doesn't appear that the case has been reopened, nor the tree posted for removal. I understand this may be a busy time however, can someone provide me with an update as to where things are with this issue

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