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City of Roseville, MI


Privacy fence in disrepair


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The privacy fence from the Jade Forrest Apts/Condos was broken months ago. We reported it, and it was sent to the city. There has been NO REPLY to the status of it being fixed. There are people going through the missing parts of the fence day and night. Again there were liquor bottles and cans and today there were all of their kids kicking OUR privacy fence. And trying to get in our yard. We would like to hear some response from the city, not just "issue's been forwarded". If it were our fence, the city would be on our case. When will this fence be fixed? It is missing in several places and we are tired of picking up all the papers and mess their kids are leaving behind. Today they were throwing rocks and things. Isn't there a city inspector, to come and look at the entire length of the fence?

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