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Offensive Statues front of City Hall - Bayonne Archived

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I like to complain about the Super Creepy
- Statues in front of Bayonne City Hall

These statues may commniicate horrifying unspeakable crimimal behavoir

These statues SHOULD NOT have children depicted with the Policeman and Fireman

One holding hands with a 10 year old child

The other holding a newborn baby

It's not appropriate

It also may be a Symbolic Image to Terrorize Tesidents - like the "infamous" Police Blotter" of The Bayonne Times Edition of The Jersey Journal - 1970s to 2005 - befote it went viral on the Internet

With repeating recurring entry
every week or month

[Suspect - Name] fell down the stairs of Bayonne Police HQ and went to Bayonne Hospital - for contussions, abrasions , swollen lip and or blackeye

NOTICE - Hinting at Police Brutality

As well as Tool to "blackmail" or "threaten" Police or Firemen

As for the former Police Chief and Detectie - James Sisk as The Protector - Statue - He is regarded as a Organized Crime Figure - who was "under investigation" according to Metro Section of NY Times in 1980s -along with Thomas Lavan - by The Waterfront Commission and FBI

Who inspired jokes like

Jimmy The Protector Sisk

The Only Police Chief in America
with a Mob Nickname

And is considered by residents
to the most notorious detective
and police chief
in Bayonne amd America

He is even rumored to be portrayed
by Harvey Keitel (German - Actor)
in the movie - Copland

These Disgusting and Despicable Statues must go


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