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Overgrown brush on city right-of-way Acknowledged

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City of Canton, OH


Property Clean Up


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I am re-opening this issue for the 2nd time (3rd post) regarding the overgrown city right-of-way behind 228 17th NW. The city's last response was "When arrived on site, owner @ 221 16th ST NW was finishing up the cleaning of this area.."

The private citizen mentioned cleared the first 10-12 feet of the city right-of-way in question. The remaining 50 feet remains overgrown with brush that is now waist high. The brush is too high and too thick for a string trimmer or mower. I am still requesting the city bring a Bobcat to clear the brush and then lay down a thick bed of gravel (or blacktop) to keep the brush from growing back. If we get a dry spell, this brush could become a fire hazard, esp. since from time to time we have seen signs (empty beer cans, abandoned duffle bags with clothes) that suggest there might be people hanging out in the alley that be careless with a lit cigarette. I waited 3-4 weeks to re-open this to make sure that the 16th owner was not going to clear any more (which I would not expect him to do). I think a Bobcat and a load of gravel would fix this problem and keep it fixed for a long time.


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