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The home & yard at 911 West 19th Street, Lorain, Ohio is in deplorable condition. There is very little paint on the house. The trees & shrubs are so overgrown that you can barely see the house any longer. Windows are broken, gutters do not exist. The back porch roof has a huge hole in it. The foundation has huge gaps between the concrete blocks. The entire property from front to back is an eyesore at best. It's time that someone with some authority in the City of Lorain follow up on this property. It is by far the worst house on the block...and there is no sense in this house being so bad since it is not a rental or a "drug house". It's unfortunate that the 2 grown men living in it take absolutely no pride in it even though they are more than capable of keeping it in good condition. It is quite ironic that the address of this property is 911, as the home itself is screaming for someone to call 911 & put it out of its misery since it is in such aweful condition!

PS. The 1 piece of gutter left on the home, now has a beaver dam lodged in it with a huge dandelion growing out of it. The squirrels are actually trying to make a nest there.

Please send someone to investigate the situation. The unlucky neighbors that have to live around this house can't seem to get any help from anyone in the City of Lorain.

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