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Has not functioned properly since the road was repaved تم حفظه في الأرشيف

Shadydell Drive Fort Worth, TX 76135, USA عرض على الخريطة إخفاء الخريطة
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Fort Worth




pothole, traffic


Shadydell Road light turns an unprotected green for the appropriate direction(s), then after turning red, will turn a protected green left turn arrow even if nobody is there. These unnecessary delays create traffic problems. At nighttime, this light will just run on a cycle. Boat Club Road will turn red even if there is nobody on Shadydell Road. Then the Shadydell Road light will cycle through the usual malfunctioning routine first with the unprotected green light, then follow with the protected green arrow for both directions. TXDOT, get off of your collective bureaucratic butts, and reprogram this light. You work for the people. Me, included. Whenever I want to go somewhere during the day, or whenever I want to come home at night, I shouldn't be inconvenienced by this problem. Nor should anybody else who lives in my neighborhood.

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