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Privacy fence in disrepair


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Re: Issue I.D. #3735943
When is this fence going to be fixed? Nine of the kids from Jade Forrest Apt/Condos just came through here again. The other day they broke, punched a hole in a NEW privacy fence here, and just now one of the girls cracked off another part of the wood from the Roseville Co-Op owner's new fence. The other day these kids were throwing rocks at a neighbor's cat, and he had to go out and then he was angry so he threw all those rocks back on their side. Why aren't they repairing the several gaps in the fence? Why isn't the city doing anything? All we get is what I attach, "...working with them, inspection set", but NO date is mentioned. Is the city inspector or the city getting a pay-off to let them get away with not fixing it? Why haven't they replaced those parts of the missing fence, for over three months already. Then they have their garbage dumpster that's broken too, with the gate held open by ropes. I went over there, but there isn't a manager office to go to. They have a totally smashed up fence around the dumpster. That whole place is a mess. Please give a date when this fence is going to be fixed. Thanks.

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