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This request is copied from part of Issue 3127424 "3-Way Stop and/or Speed Bumps Desperately needed!" since it pertains to Ellen Craig Ave which is one lane, block-long alley that has a blind intersection on Hibbard St. More traffic from the new housing development (Marina Shore and more in the pipeline) is coming eastward on Clement St, which deadends on Hibbard St at the Pennzoil facility. Traffic then turns right unimpeded and heads south on Hibbard St toward Eagle Ave where issue 3127424 "3-Way Stop and/or Speed Bumps Desperately needed!" is focused on and should be implemented.
However, just before getting to Eagle Ave, Ellen Craig Ave intersects Hibbard St as a blind intersection. Any traffic or pedestrian on Ellen Craig Ave heading westward cannot see traffic heading south (looking to the right) on Hibbard St because of the solid fencing of the Pennzoil facility that juts into Hibbard St and must enter Hibbard St partway to see around the solid fencing, inviting an accident. More traffic is using Ellen Craig Ave which is only a one lane alley as a shortcut to get to Grand St, rather than going further to turn on Eagle Ave. There need to be traffic convex mirrors across on Hibbard St for anyone on Ellen Craig Ave to see around the corner, warning rumble strips or traffic speed bumps, signs or lights about slowing down for blind intersection and pedestrian traffic or other traffic calming ways on the entire length of Hibbard St. north of Buena Vista Ave. Unless the fence can be modified to increase visibility... Following is from issue 3127424: Hi, I'm a resident on Eagle Ave. I agree with others that the lack of traffic controls on Eagle Ave and Hibbard St constitutes a safety hazard. Another safety hazard is the both Washoe Ct (already mentioned by another user) on the west side of Hibbard St and Ellen Craig Ave on the east side of Hibbard St which is almost directly across from Washoe Ct; both streets are just north of the Eagle Ave and are also affected by the current traffic safety problems.
Currently, Ellen Craig Ave is a block length alley behind Eagle Ave that is used by pedestrians, families, bicyclists, animal shelter volunteers and residents walking dogs and other non-vehicle use. Garbage trucks run through the alley to pick up local resident garbage and other city maintenance vehicles use this alley. I've even seen a hook and ladder fire truck use the alley to get onto Hibbard St in the past! Of course, Eagle Ave residents whose garages open onto the alley have to use the alley to leave their residences. Other vehicles are starting to use this alley as a shortcut to the main artery Grand St.
There is a safety traffic hazard at the intersection of Hibbard St and Ellen Craig Ave. There is a blind intersection where you cannot see traffic heading south on Hibbard St when you look to the right (north) unless you go into the intersection. The property on the north that has solid fencing that juts out onto Hibbard St belongs to Pennzoil and you cannot see through the fencing. If a vehicles park on Hibbard St just south of Washoe Ct, Hibbard St becomes just a one-way street, making a dangerous hazard even more dangerous.
What really concerned me was the Alameda Running Festival Half Marathon that occurred on Sunday morning of 9/17/17 where they had coned over Ellen Craig Ave and Hibbard St for the runners. There was a volunteer directing traffic at Ellen Craig Ave and Grand St, but no one at Ellen Craig Ave and Hibbard St at the blind intersection. Fortunately, by the time I saw 2 policemen(?) on Clement St, the cones were removed from the alley. I found out later there were no incidents at this location.
The blind intersection at Ellen Craig Ave needs an immediate solution, such as a traffic convex mirror, speed bumps, flashing warning signs, anything! The entire stretch of Hibbard St between Clement St and Buena Vista Ave needs Traffic Calming!

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