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This is the Lionheart after 1:30 AM this morning (Sat/Sun). It's more than 2.5 hours past patio closing time and it's filled with loud people and music, as is the sidewalk. Between Lark Tavern and the Lionheart, this is a daily occurrence. Why are they allowed to be open until 4:00 AM when they do not respect or adhere to the ordinance? Why should the Lark Tavern or the Lionheart be motivated to close their patios at 11:00 PM when they can see the other establishment violates the ordinance and the police do nothing and there are not consequences or tickets and fines? Who is patrolling the area, as we've been told APD is doing at night, and why are they ignoring clear issues and violations?

also asked...
Q. What type of noise are you reporting?
A. Other
Q. Please briefly describe the situation and where the noise is coming from (ex: inside, outside, car, etc.)
A. The Lionheart has its patio open 2.5 hours past ordinance

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