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Alley Clearing


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Good morning! Euclid St Paul's Neighborhood is hosting its 14th Annual Haunted Hike, this Saturday, October 21st. It is a charity event with over 1000 attendees each year. The route of the Hike goes through the alley of 1212 15th Ave N where there is a large pile of storm debris. We are concerned that the large crowds will not be able to travel safely through that alley. We are aware that curbside storm debris pick up does not apply to the alley but we do not have the budget to hire a crew to remove it. Please help us pick up the pile of branches from the alley of 1212 15th Ave N. Thank you! Daniela Marginean 7274208350

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Q. What needs to be cleared from the alley?
A. Larger dumped items in alley (ie. furniture)


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