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All too frequently, I arrive at EV Charging Stations at City Hall to find SUVs and other internal combustion vehicles parked in the 2 "EV Only" spaces directly in front of the building. Typically, when I do actually encounter them, I mention it in as helpful a way as I can, figuring its an honest mistake. I am no longer convinced that's very often the case. Most become confrontational, and make some assertion that it's no big deal when there is no one parked there. With 4, count am, FOUR spaces providing charging services exist in their entirety across Cape Ann, I can assure everyone, ITS A BIG DEAL.
But for the edification of those who indicate they couldn't tell, I will say that the "EV Only Parking" sign is positioned rather high, and the yellow posts that protect the charging pedestal could sport lettering stating "EV Parking Only" (I would add "This Means You Fred & Wima Flintstone", but that's just me).
I think that it also might be helpful if a memo was sent to GPD recommending they, for the time being, make it a rule to make note as to whether a potential violation exists on those occasions that they find themselves on Warren Street. They have been very understanding of the problem, and ticket (and occasionally tow) vehicles in violation.
In closing though, I think signage is key to solving this problem. It may be as simple as having the person charged with resolving the issue actually sitting in a vehicle and observing the signage issues.

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