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Con Ed Gas Repair and Hole next to Sidewalk Open

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Con Edison dug up grassy area between my yard at 81 Chatsworth and the street to repair some pipes. This was on Monday May 3 and Tuesday May 4.

They inserted a sleeve into the pipes, made some repair to where gas lines come into my home and covered up the hole with a piece of plywood. (the hole is four or five feet deep).

They then said they were called onto another job and needed to leave. Before leaving they put a couple of saw horses out and some construction tape and an orange cone.

Now, its been two weeks and nobody has ever returned and the yard is still dug up.

My sprinkler system has been damaged. While digging, Con Ed crews punctured the sprinkler. I told them about the sprinkler. After damaging it, they put a piece of tape around the pipe, but it still leaks. There is dirt and toppled over saw horses in the front of my yard. Its an eyesore and dangerous. My yard is typically kept in very good condition, so its regrettable that my yard has been affected like this.

Worse of all, now there is a gas leak that seems to be more and more evident in the area around the construction site. We noticed it before the construction, but now we had a neighbor comment on it, so it must be getting stronger.

How do we get Con Ed to repair this? I've called and spoke with them about the smell of gas. However, I'd like for them to actually commit to getting my yard back to where it was before they tore it up, including the sprinkler system.

When I called the Con Ed office today, they said their computers were down.

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