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I am writing regarding an old tree in front of my house at 48 church st. Hamden. This is a very old tree, with lots of rotten large branches that tend to fall during every storm and with strong winds. The tree is located on the sidewalk, a block away from an elementary school. Parents and children walk by every morning.

I have a three year old girl that plays in the yard and I am worried for her safety. The tree is also putting my property and my neighbors at risk, both our cars and part of our houses sit underneath the tree.

My husband and neighbor have tried contacting Public Works MANY times during the last two years with no response whatsoever. We tried to hire someone to take the tree down but they wouldn’t do it because is city’s property. So we are requesting the tree to be taken down for everyone safety. If it can’t be taken down, it at least needs a serious pruning.

I appreciate your help on directing this request to the responsible person so they take action.

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