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At the intersection of Cochituate Road and Beacon St. there is a traffic light. I was heading westbound on Cochituate road and stopped at the traffic light with Clarke & Frost Insurance on my left. There are two lanes here; one marked as a straight/right turn lane and one marked as straight/left turn lane. I am stopped at the light in the straight/right turn lane. Then, in an attempt to cut off all the traffic, a car pulls up next to me on my left, in the straight/left turn lane. The light turns green and the car next to me tries to push me off the road so that they can go straight. Coming within inches of side swiping my car. This has happened to me 3 times in the last month. I don't think the left turn lane should be a left turn/straight combo. It should be a left turn lane only. Trying to go straight from this lane is essentially facing on-coming traffic. There is not enough room in the single lane ahead (across the intersection) to merge with traffic, which is why people trying to go straight from that lane have to push so far to the right and end up pushing the car beside them towards the curb. I see cars all the time using that left lane just to cut off the traffic. Sometimes going really fast! It is dangerous and an accident waiting to happen. Please mark the left turn lane, as LEFT TURN ONLY. So there is one straight/right turn lane and one left turn only lane. Removing the option for people to go straight when in the left turn lane will make the intersection much safer. Thank you!!

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