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(Daily occurrences)Disturbing the peace, speeding, texting and driving, drug use while in drivers seat of car, potential drug dealer, muffler is not up to state regulations. There is a light-ish blue mid 2000's Honda Civic that drives through my neighborhood every day, sometimes close to 10 times a day that parks at the truck stop parking lot off of I-90 in the neighborhood of Woodland Dr. His muffler is very loud and often wakes me and my children up at night and in the morning. He is constantly texting and driving, constantly speeding and I am afraid that he will hit a pedestrian. He comes by at very random times, but I have heard him drive by at all hours. There is no pattern to the time frames and he does not work at the truck stop. He usually drives there and leaves almost immediately after. The other day I went to the truck stop to grab dinner and I saw him parked there and he appeared to be doing drugs, and then a car pulled up beside him and got into the passengers seat of the car. We think that he is selling drugs due to the frequency and briefness of his visits. We would like to remain anonymous for the safety of our family but we would truly appreciate an officer scoping this situation out and making sure there are no drugs being sold in our neighborhood.
Thank you.

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Q. Please provide details for your request
A. Please survey our neighborhood and the Framingham I-90 parking lot. He is here atleast a few times a day. License plate # 6ks918

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