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The Summer season is right in the corner and along with it comes the Barbecue nightmare! Why have we located the narrowest part of the part to be the Barbecuing area. Every weekend, I'm the victim (along with all resident of the 18 morningside building) of nuisance of the barbecue - Smoke and smell entering my living room - noise of those barbercue parties which can last up to 10:00pm! - and all trash left behing the next day !!!
Why don't we re-allocate these barbecue areas on wider space and more isolated surfaces away from the front windows of the morningside avenue residents? and also, why don't we re-inforce the rules of the park. I constantly see people barbecuing in areas where it is not allow, people drinking alchool while it is prohibited, and using powerful music amplifier.
What can we do to protect and respect our common property which is this beautiful park?

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