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I would like a review of the merge lane located on Route 20 (heading east) by Hosmer Street leading to Concord Road. Regardless of the time of day, cars speed and tailgate from the left lane on Route 20 by Hosmer to cut off vehicles so they can merge into the right lane heading straight on Route 20. Cars are using the left turn lane to avoid sitting in the right lane to go straight. This is causing a bottleneck and is a potential crash zone. I also witnessed several road rage activities due to this cut and merge behavior. It also causes a delay and back up for those cars that truly wish to turn left onto Concord road but are unable as cars now sit in this lane waiting for a clearing to cut into traffic heading east on Route 20. Can you ticket people for this behavior? Can you make the left lane at the Hosmer intersection a left turn only lane with only one lane to head east on Route 20? I am attaching a picture for you to review which shows a white pick up truck sitting in the left turn lane for Concord road waiting to merge right to continue straight on Route 20. Again, this occurs at all hours of the day, everyday. Please review this to improve safety and the flow of traffic. Thank you.

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