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Enraged Homeless man Acknowledged

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For over 2 years a lot of Alpharetta residents have reported a homeless man pushing a shopping cart full of plastic bags, roaming the area. He screams in a very violent, angry, and aggressive manner and uses a lot of foul and obscene language.

His erratic and aggressive behavior has increased in the last year and has residents more concerned than before about their safety, including the safety of their families and spouses.

He yells and screams obscenities at all hours of the day, and at night his voice travels through the area, making it difficult for residents to sleep.

From other residents and reports, he seems to live in the woods near Rock Mill Rd and has at times been seen living in the enclosed bus stop on North Point Pkwy. He travels on North Point Pkwy, Kimball Bridge, Old Milton Rd, State Bridge Rd, & Haynes Bridge Rd, and the Rock Mill and Ocee Parks, in the same pattern.

He has been seen twice standing out in the middle of the road on State and Kimball Bridge near the Walgreens. At times he leaves some of his trash behind on the street or walkways.

This issue has also been brought up here - Issue ID: 3079728

Most believe he has mental issues and have requested multiple times for him to be taken off the streets to an appropriate place as he needs help.

I'm reporting this issue, as this issue has been ongoing and yet to be resolved.

Alpharetta police have been contacted before to deal with this person multiple times, especially with regards to the noise and disturbing the peace issues, but the overall issue with him is never resolved and he's still on the streets causing issues and disturbances. He has been warned by the police, but still carries on creating disturbances, showing he has no respect for the people of Alpharetta.

He may or may not be a physical threat yet, but his actions and presence have continued to impress a sense of danger and concern, that the citizens of Alpharetta shouldn't have to continue to worry about, and they should be able to live in a peaceful community.

I sincerely hope that this issue can be resolved so we're not talking about this issue again in a year or a situation where a citizen was physically harmed because this person had a mental breakdown and went into an unprovoked rage.


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