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Aston, PA: Need a Left Turn Lane Instead of Right Open

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When you're driving down Concord Rd from Aston into Garnet Valley, the road turns briefly into two lanes for the traffic light at Chichester Ave. There is a right turn lane for anyone turning onto Venuti Drive into the small development, and there is a forward / left turn lane which invariably gets backed up with cars waiting to turn left onto Chichester Ave.

It makes no sense to have a right turn lane for the few cars turning onto Venuti Drive while holding up traffic for the much larger number of cars trying to turn left onto busy Chichester Ave.

As a result of this poor planning, drivers who want to go straight tend to veer into the right turn lane to get around the left turn traffic, which can lead to accidents.

Those lanes should be changed so that there is a left turn lane and a forward / right turn lane.

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