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Faded "right lane must turn right" sign La Kaydiiyey

47 Webster Ave Somerville, MA 02143 Ka Muuji Khariidadda Qari Khariidadda
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signs, road safety, bike concern


The faded "right lane must turn right" sign on southbound Webster Avenue approaching the five-way intersection of Prospect, Concord and Webster is insufficient to assure that all cars in the right lane turn right. As a cyclist who bikes daily over this overpass, I routinely fear for my safety as cars jockey around me attempting to sort out at the last minute how to get to the street they want. Southbound Webster Avenue really needs fresh lane lines and directional turning arrows indicating required turns painted between Newton Street and Prospect. Even better would be a dedicated blue bike continuation lane for cyclists that wish to remain on Webster and not turn onto Concord as cyclists that remain on the right side of the street must do. Going over the overpass is slow going for cyclists, and the cars whizzing by make it difficult to continue southbound on this major road.

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