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Dear City Manager,

As a senior with both mobility and vision challenges, I am concerned about the increasing number of sidewalk obstructions that you are creating. Limebikes are impeding access in the West End. There are dozens of them scattered everywhere. Today, there were three blocking disabled access near Paganos. When I tried to move them, they said that they were calling the police. Why are you having the police respond? Shouldn't protecting senior and disabled be a priority for the police, not protecting LImeBikes? Also, there are now Package Bots in the West End. There was one today at about 3:45 p.m. at Sixth Street and Central that took up most of the sidewalk. Have you approved robot sidewalk deliveries? The robot was accompanied by a young man, but are you seriously considering allowing robots package delivery vehicles on our sidewalks? It is bad enough having to avoid bicyclists, skateboarders and electric hover type vehicles. While I do not believe that you are deliberately seeking to hurt senior and the disabled, the lack of engagement on your part is having the same effect.

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