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Speeding on Randall Pkwy Open

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I work in one of the offices of of Randall parkway and the speeding on that road is excessive. There is a tremendous amount of traffic pulling onto and off of Randall especially around the area where the office complexes are. There is also a school located in this area and parents are tring to drop off and pick up their children. People walk on this road, Geese are constanly crossing and today I saw that someone had hit one of the goslings. This wouldn't have happened if people would go the appropriate 35 speed limit. Gees do not run out in front of you so you have to be speeding to hit one that is in the road. I have also witnessed a few close calls of a car hitting a car because people are speeding. I am constantly be tailgated because I go the speed limit and I think it is only a matter of time until someone hits me. Please fix this speeding problem! Speed bumps would be a great solution!

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