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I am here to report my neighbors of harassing me by calling the property office to request maintenance services by using my name. When i came home today a notice of unclogging the kitchen sink signed by the maintenance was left on my table and i really felt unsafe.
I encourage the Marlborough police department to get involved before higher authorities are called out due to the lack of the property"s office irresponsibility.

They are breaking the laws allowing tenants to over park on the fire lane after 9:30pm is when that happens. One time i had to call the Marlborough Police dept. to help me to remove a car that was preventing me to get to work on time by parking on the fire lane (Blocked my car).
3 days later i found i car vandalized (keyed)
I suspect of the same person who owns a basement apartment underneath us.
He was the same person that was having a party at his apartment and had people over parking since that incident i don't feel safe anymore.
Thanks for hearing me out and hoping you guys to take this report for granted, i am an immigrant but i am a Legal US Citizen and some immigrants pretend they still living in their country where there are no boundaries or law, but here in USA things really work for the population's safety.

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Q. Location of the problem
A. 302 Boston Post RD East Marlborough

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