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This property has been graded to double the height of what it used to be. This caused flooding of several homes in the Shannon Forest Court Community. The HOA of the Shannon Park property is to be responsible for any further flooding issues. But there are no houses being built yet. During the summer, the storm water now runs above ground, this caused an enormous amount of mosquitos and frogs. Frog feces is harmful to dogs, mine were sick nearly all summer last year. We are still dealing with some intestinal issues caused by the frog fecal let behind.
The issue now is we have seen that they have been dumping loads and loads of soil on the property, this will continue to make the run off come to Shannon Forest Ct. Is there something that can be done about this place being used as a dumping ground. There are numerous piles of dirt there now. Some bigger than others. Adding the soil and eventually grading it out will continue to cause issues for the Shannon Forest Court community and at this point, we don't know if the soil they are dumping contains anything hazardous. Thank you!

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