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I am looking for support to find out what I can do about fixing the pavement in front of my townhome community driveway and adding curbs where our builders left without finishing the street off.

When we moved into lower first ward a few years ago, our builders just took off without finishing the end of the driveway or installing curbs. The drive to our town home community drops off a few inches to the street, and the street has no curbs on our side so the grass and everything was just getting destroyed from street parking. We rallied a few neighbors, grabbed some abandoned rail ties, and poured gravel and edged the side of the street to create a bit more space while I petitioned the city to find out if they put curbs in, or if we needed to do it. While trying to find the right group to help, I was being directed in a ton of different directions and no one that I reached with the COH was really able to resolve my question of whose responsibility this was to finish this off.

Meanwhile, it’s just continued to get worse. The street on Holly between Edwards and Bingham is very narrow to begin with, and a lack of curbs and sound pavement causes cars to park as far over onto the street easement that they can so there is room enough for other vehicles to pass through. This means pressure us bring places on the ditches, and the ground is getting all chewed up. Who can we speak to about fixing the pavement so that is even, widening it where appropriate, adding curbs to keep drivers from driving on the grass and enduring the drainage ditches are strong and sound?

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