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Hello. I tried to report this from my phone but didn't have time to fill in a sign-in, so I had to cancel it out and drive on. As I was passing the construction fence around the demolition site at the former 238 W. University building, the heavy temporary fence fell abruptly with full force onto the sidewalk. Thank goodness no one was walking on it. They would've been seriously hurt. The McGurns' buildings were recently demolished either side of NW 1st Avenue at 3rd Street. The fences need to be secured and the sites dampened on dry days to keep dust from blowing around. Yesterday I had to roll up my car window when a cloud of dust blew off the demolition site on the north side of NW 1st Avenue. Then again farther down 3rd Street where it intersects with Depot Avenue and trucks were entering and leaving the Argos plant. The dust there is a constant problem and a health risk for Porters residents.

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A. Fallen construction barrier

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