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Dangerous Crosswalk by Beecher School Acknowledged

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A car nearly hit my daughter and I while I was walking her to preschool this morning at Beecher Elementary. We were crossing at the crosswalk on Blake street at the intersection of Jewell. The car did not slow down while we were in the crosswalk (marked with a yellow sign, school zone signs, white marks on the road). The car behind the speeding car stopped to yell out her window that she also witnessed the car almost hit us. My daughter is three years old. There are no crossing guards before school hours at this very, very busy location. Beecher has FOUR pre-K classrooms and kids arrive as early as 7:15am. Many of them walk. There needs to be a new, flashing light crosswalk here, or a sign in the middle of the crosswalk that says it is STATE LAW to yield to pedestrians in the intersection. This is a school area with many small children and should not be tolerated.


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