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Streets - Street Deterioration


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There is a speed bump here at the Tidewater boating center, which is either on the Bay Trail, or on a connector used by many bicycles to get on it. This speedbump is short and severe, in the shadow of a tree, and its paint is completely worn off. I hit it without seeing it, and almost fell off my bike in a way that would like have caused me to break an arm, wrist, or my skull. I barely managed to hang onto my handlebars. I spoke to an East Bay parks employee here who said that she has seen three people crash there on bicycles and has had to administer first aid to some of them. This is an immediate and urgent issue to have this repainted to avoid injury to bicyclists. It also, longer-term, should be made into a longer broader speedbump so that if a bicyclist doesn't see it they don't wreck.

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