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Just as what happened at Canal and Loring/Jefferson, the light timing has been changed for left turns and it is terrible. Perhaps if it was a two-lane the whole street it would work, but the way it is now is horrible. Backed up all wkd and Friday night rush hour because the left turn signal lets 3 cars go through! It was backed up past bagel world, with no communication from the city of this change, etc. That would not have helped though, as the timing is terrible. It should be like it was before, where it stays green for a while just for left turns. You have people backed up who all want to go straight but cannot because all the left-turn people are stuck. Honestly, it seems the new parking director does not actually DRIVE around Salem, but walks to and from his job each day. The light at Loring/Jefferson now creates backups for over a mile regularly because of the left-turn yellow flashing lasting for 3 seconds. Again, might work if it was a two-lane the whole way, but it is not. Please fix this issue.

also asked...
Q. What is the type of signal that is not working?
A. Th left turn signal
Q. Please describe any other information related to the malfunction/damage
A. Poor timing


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