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The town of Clarkton has had 2 robberies in the last 2 weeks. The toen of Clarkton has no real police presence, occasionally a Bladen County Deputy will ride through and check things out on their way somewhere else. The Clarkton Drug was broken into on Friday night, 5/21/10, the culprit did not get anything but that is not the point, there is no police presence to deter these criminals. The Scotchman was robbed at gunpoint on Sunday morning 5/23/10, again no police presence to deter the armed robber. Bladen County Deouties caught the armed robbers, but who is to stop this from happening again? We need a police presence in the town, every one knows there is no police presnt in Clarkton and about what time the Deputies come through town. Don't we deserve the right to feel safe when at work, shopping, or playing?

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