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The church on the corner is so over crowded that years ago they took out the grass so they can park up against the building. They park all the way to Utica Rd. at times that you cant see to turn on to Utica or on to Lincoln. They park in the old real estate office parking lot in front and in back blocking the alley way. There is an old unplated truck that has been parked behind the real estate office for a couple months now never moves. I have also seen them park across Utica in the parking lot that doesn't belong to them. The churches parking lot on the north side of the building they have half blocked off so a driving school can use it. The driving school can go find another empty parking lot to use. The city needs to make then put the grass back this isn't Detroit! stop making our city look ghetto, get that truck out of there, add more "no parking from here to corner" signs and force them to use there own parking lot. If there isnt enough room then tell them to find a bigger church in Detroit and park all over there. I am tired of almost getting hit cause I cant see to turn or having to back up cause there is no place to move over if a car is coming at you because the church people are parked everywhere. This is almost an every day thing. not just Sundays!


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