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Codes Compliance

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Hollywood Mph manage is allowing an illegal business to run within the boundairies of the mobile home community. As they fix her car for free. But the maintenance shack has been converted to fix cars, motorcycles, tv's and boats. Cash only. The man who originally started it as he stated himself, Angel (lives directly across the street) is living on Disability from the US Air Force.
The matter is the noise mainly night's and weekends. BUT also they use the street, sometimes excessive speed to test the vehicles during/after repairs. Plus Angel has stated his driver's license is suspended. That's why he only test drives in the Hollywood Mobile Home Community.

The mph used to be seniors only but a few years ago was changed as now a family community. Thus children now use the streets as their playground. Don't know if any accidents have happen.
But now because of this shop other areas have become car repair lots too.
Please help before some is hurt or killed.

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Đáp. Zoning violation

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