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I just saw on the news and in the paper, the story of the woman who was pushed through this intersection. I was very upset to hear no one was cited in this incident. This woman was in the far right lane trying to turn left as she approached the lights
I have no idea what this woman was thinking maybe she just realized she needed to turn left as she said. It is more likely the right lane was moving faster and she used it to get by the cars waiting patiently in the correct ln!
I see this happen every day at this intersection, Edgell rd-Main st-rt 9 and 126- 135. These people drive down the wrong ln because its moving faster and then just stop at the intersection and try to squeeze over while holding up all the cars behind them, with no concern for the chaos they are causing or the danger they have created.
This happens 100s of times a day in Framingham alone! Are the Police blind to this a minimum this should be an improper lane change..but no citation, I guess she did everything by the book and we should all drive this way!

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A. selfish and inconsiderate drivers.


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