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Illegal Dump Sites Acknowledged

10200-10298 Clarita Ave Detroit, MI 48221, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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This is now the THIRD time this issue has been reported. The issue has been incorrectly closed two previous times. Two tires have been dumped on the berm of Gemeiner Park, behind Tindal Rec Center, near the intersection of Clarita and Griggs. Tires are very visible and there should be no reason ( other than laziness) for the consistent closing of this issue w/o resolution.

also asked...
Q. Is the dumping occurring on private property?
A. No
Q. Is this a vacant structure or vacant lot?
A. No
Q. What type of materials have been dumped?
A. Tires
Q. Where is the debris located on the property?
A. Side berm

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