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Housing Code Violation


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Guys, as Much as I hate to report something like this Its an ethical thing for me. Unfortuantely a gentleman passed away in this apartment and I went when he passed. When I got there, this was a back door basement entrance (ONLY ENTRANCE/Exit), slippery, and when I got downstairs it was totally really gross. The wall was broken exposing the boiler, there was a door at bottome of steps that got bumped open only to find out there was a person sleeping on a matress on the floor. The room where the deceased was had dried food and roaches on the floor and lets just say it wasn't recently there. In addition to all the other things that you can tell were not recently there. There were wee wee pads with old animal poop and urine on the floor, dirty matresses and I can go on. The poor guy was on the floor and due to the unsanitary conditions the body may have picked up a bacteria from there rendering it unviewable. So just seeing this and knowing there was still others living there is something that someone should look into hopefully relocating these people to a better enviornment. Again, I have never reported anyone but I feel Im reporting the conditions not a person per say although they really should not permit such conditions for anyone and people should not live in these conditions.

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