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Quiet Enjoyment of property denied to older residents. Open

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noise complaint


On Drake Dr. (and Sloan St.), younger families are moving in next to older residents. These newbies will NOT be considerate of the original residents. So, older ones, (who are often in poor health), must endure the chaos of screaming kids, basketball hoops, (and ball bouncing without hoops), trampolines, playground equipment, windchimes, and skateboarding near their homes. If an older resident asks the parents for consideration, they will either be ignored, or the noise will be increased out of spite. If the parents are hostile and unapproachable and older residents simply ask a disruptive kid to pipe-down, the parents will make harrassing calls to the complainent, and harrassing visits in which they aggressively pound on the poor resident's door in order to force a confrontation. If this doesn't work, they call the police and threaten to get a peace order against the resident if they merely talk to their kids again...even politely. This is typical behavior of these new, young families. We have no homeowner's association. Only a civic association that hasn't the authority to make these bad new neighbors behave. The noise control folks can't help, because most of the noise laws aren't strong enough. We can't even get our streets declared as a Noise Sensitive Area, because the control staff require the NAMES of residents who request it to be given to every single household on these streets...including households that are very hostile. So, I'm SCARED to go this route. I sure do wish that the realestate men wouldn't sell any more homes to young families on our older streets. The ones that are already here have created an unbearable situation already! I live in terror of whom they'll put near our home next, but older residents like myself have no voice! It seems, the newbies will push us out with their chaotic behavior. I can't even enjoy comuning with nature in my own yard, or even curling up with a good book anymore.


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