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Waste Management has ignored several scheduled pickups for my mattress despite dozens of calls over a month. I don't know who else I should contact. Here is a record of calls so far, I will continue to update:
Dec 12 Initial call to pickup. Told to "put it out with recycling on Tuesday" even though my recycling is picked up on Monday.
Dec 17 put mattress out Sunday night in case pickup was monday
Dec 18 recycling was picked up monday as usual
Dec 20 Called after mattress was not picked up mon or tues, I was told it would be picked up on the 26th even though I insisted that is not my week for recycling.
Dec 26 trash picked up, not recycling (as expected), no mattress pickup
Dec 27 Called WM again. They then told me they have no record of my ticket!
Dec 28 Called again, I was then told me of course they have the ticket and pick up would be that day. Dec 29 Called WM and they said they would contact supervisor and call back. They never did.
At this point I called Medford DPW who said they would straighten it out and call me back. Never heard from them either.
Jan 3 Called WM, was told they were calling dispatcher and would be picked up immediately and issued a second ticket number.
Jan 9 Called WM, told again they were calling dispatcher and would call me back. Never called back. Called Medford DPW, again promised to look into it and call back and did not.

also asked...
Q. Is this a missed trash pickup or missed recycling pickup?
A. No Answer Given
Q. What day of the week is your normal pick-up scheduled?
A. Monday

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