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When the 3rd lane re-opened on Chain Bridge following construction, it was supposed to go back to the previous traffic pattern - the center lane is inbound during the morning rush and outbound during the afternoon rush. There are signs to this effect on the bridge. However, many VA-bound commuters in the morning are taking it upon themselves to veer into the oncoming traffic in the center lane because they don't feel like waiting for the people turning right onto Chain Bridge Road (VA-123) from the bridge. Usually 5-10 cars are doing this when I pass through in the morning, heading to DC. It's a safety hazard, and the traffic is backing up on Glebe Rd. again because the center lane is being used by the reverse commuters, who aren't supposed to be there. I know the bridge itself is DC, and DC should improve the signage on the bridge so that it's clearer, but the crashes are going to happen in Arlington because that's where the intersection is. Can the Arlington Police set up a traffic stop at the pull-out road just on the other side of the intersection to ticket the people who are using the wrong lane?

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