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The traffic signs are clear for those seeking to turn right on to W Taylor Run Parkway from Duke Street. But despite a clearly marked "no turn on red" sign in the right-turn lane on Duke Street, as well as an arrow traffic light in place to further drive the point home, motorists constantly turn right on to W Taylor Run Pkwy when it is forbidden. This could easily cause an accident, because of the frontage/access road that intersects with W Taylor Run Pkwy. Motorists aren't allowed to turn on red there precisely because the light is green at that time for those on the frontage road. It is unclear whether these violators are oblivious of the traffic signs, or if they simply don't have any incentive to wait for the green arrow. But it happens all the time. Perhaps some active enforcement is in order, as I have seen being carried out at the nearby intersection of Russell Road, King Street, and Callahan Drive (kudos to the City of Alexandria Police Department). Or, more passively, the multiple red-light cameras at the Duke Street-W Taylor Run Pkwy intersection could be activated and aimed at the right-turn lane.

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