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Please PLEASE provide speed enforcement for traffic coming E/B Westborough at Galway Place. Today, I was stopped on my motorcycle in the right turn lane on N/B Galway Place, looking to turn right to E/B Westborough on a red light. The left to right traffic is a 35 mph zone and a blind corner. After waiting for about 10 seconds without cross traffic, I started to make the right turn.
A driver in the #2 lane of E/B Westborough came around that blind corner at an estimated 65 to 70 MPH!!!!!! (Coming down hill on the blind intersection)
I stopped short and dumped my bike with no injuries and almost no damage to my bike. If I had been 2 seconds earlier into my legal turn, I would be DEAD. The driver coming down Westborough had little time to swerve, and no way to stop at high speed.
I am rattled, and will always treat that intersection differently, but WE NEED RADAR ENFORCEMENT AT A HIGHLY VISIBLE LEVEL to prevent deaths and injuries. E/B Westborough has long been an autobahn, with very few drivers minding 35 mph limit.

I need your help. E/B Westborough from Oakmont to Olympic is out of control, especially with traffic at Galway Place crossing and turning Eastbound. Please get your traffic unit on this matter!

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