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Air Quality


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This residents at this address has had the fire department at there home several times for burning something. Smoke comes into every ones home and when you call the fire department they come out and they have them put the fire out. Now at night they still do the same thing and you can see the sparks flying in the air. If you call the fire department that only last for a couple of days. This is not a very safe situation. There are trees where they are burning and what ever they are burning smells awful. Our neighborhood needs some help PLEASE.

also asked...
Q. What was the weather like when the odor was detected?
A. Sunny
Q. What was the temperature?
A. Dry
Q. What was the wind direction?
Q. What was the intensity of the odor?
A. 7
Q. Please check all options that describe the odor:
A. Unpleasant

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