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The section of 4th St., South has become increasingly more populated by homeless near the Salvation Army. The people are out on the sidewalks and grassy areas during the day and overnight. The area for many blocks is very littered now. Panhandling is on the rise as well. I was approached by three different people during one visit to Wendy's. It's starting to feel very unsafe. One of the main concerns is that people are crossing the street day and night in the middle of the block. There is no warning to car drivers that these people are going to start crossing in the middle of the block particularly at night. Many are crossing very slowly with carts Cains Walkers or in wheelchairs. This is very concerning and a safety issue. This is also happening a little further south of 22nd Ave. on fourth Street south between the grocery mart and the gas station. Very dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. I have already reported this to nonemergency police as well as the community center in that district. They all suggested that I go through this channel to be heard. In the city work with the salvation army to come up with an innovative response to the needs of these people. Perhaps they can be located with in the property of salvation army and or be paid a small amount to collect litter in the area. Just an idea thank you, kim


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