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This is my second attempt to report, and find a finalized response to this issue. Speeding golf carts on this newly widened path are a hazard to vehicles on Coventry Close, both moving and stationary. Cul de sac residents have very little visibility to carts on the path. I had reported this before with no satisfaction to a finalized plan of action. It is not feasible to catch a speeding cart, or report it. I am writing again of my concern and state that I will not be responsible for any personal or property damage resulting in any collisions on my property or due to unobservant, speeding carts. The association had mentioned turning this issue over to the signage department. Have heard nothing. I will take matters into my own hands to mitigate any possible problems, and potential injury/damage to my family and my property.

also asked...
Q. What is the problem?
A. Path/Surface Condition
Q. Where is the community path located (intersection/side streets)?
A. Cart path between Middle Marsh Retreat and Coventry Close

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