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If St Pete doesn't do something about the nonstop extensive garbage along 275 especially around the downtown exits and the horrible recycling eyesore it's going to be reported to the right people at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, News Channels, Board of Health and anywhere else because it's literally disgusting seeing it all especially getting down the storm drains and piled up on the lids. This Mayor is ridiculous and hires the laziest people in the city. Landscapers, who over spray weed kill an kill all the existing trees along 275, the mowers who mow like a bad hair cut the city is a mess! ...except Beach Drive of course. I even have visitors from out of state that comment on all the garbage and sad looking roads here. It's nonsense! St Pete!!! Stop polluting our waters! Get with it already!

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Q. Location of issue?
A. 1190 20th St N

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