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"Its all fun and games till someone loses an eye"There are signs posted on the bridge that say "no fishing from bridge" and the fisherman are continually fishing right under the sign. This poses a very dangerous problem for boaters. As we try to go under the bridge, there are line and hooks dangling everywhere. Some of the people are curteous enough to pull their lines and let you through, others start yelling and throwing things. I have had everthing from beer cans and other garbage to lead weights thrown. Last year a women on a boat was hooked in the scalp by a fishing lure and I have had close calls with lures myself. I have called the bridge operations number numerous times to ask them to call police when there people fishing from the bridge, I have also called police to file a report, still, last night June 8th, I counted 28 fisherman. Will they not act until someone loses an eye and sues the city?

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