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Tree Trimming/Removal


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We have a junk tree in the neighbor's property that is extending its roots toward our property and digging into the patio that we built few years ago.

The neighbors house is foreclosure, therefore now it belongs to the bank, which is trying to sell it.

During hurricane Irma the fence fell. I contacted the mortgage company to let them know about the code violation since there is a pool on this property. At this time I asked if the tree be removed since it was in their property.

Prior to this I asked a tree man to see if we could remove the tree, but he said we needed a permission from the city and the owner to remove this tree, which he called a junk tree. I made multiple attempts to contact the person from the city he said would be able to help me, but never got a call back or answer from him.

The mortgage company promised they will look into removing the tree, but instead they replaced the fence few days ago which is now sticking 1 ft above the ground because of the tree. The person who placed the fence said he will bolt it to the tree because he had to finish his work that same day. It looks we are stuck with this tree until there is new owner, which I believe the mortgage company unethically will place to deal with the problem.

I believe the fence that has been put now is just to patch the minimum. I would appreciate if you investigate this problem and request that they remove the tree. We were told that if we try to cut roots from our side this may weaken the tree and it will fall on their property possibly causing big damages.

Please let me know of your decision.
I would appreciate your help in this matter.

Margarita and Dimitre Todorov
3999 11th ST NE

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