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Larchwood Ave near State Road and off West Chester Pike/Rte 3 there are at least 10-15 stray cats that are constantly procreating and urinating/defecating on my porch, lawn and backyard, making it unsanitary for my children to play outside. These stray cats are truly a nuisance, and they also mark cars and patio furniture by urinating on them (I had to throw away expensive, outdoor cushions). In the winter, we started up our car, with our preemie baby who was on a monitor for breathing problems inside, and there was a sickening stench of urine permeating the car-she was only 4 pounds and it was snowing, but we had to open the car windows. I planted flower seeds in my front yard, only to see them dug up and defecated on. Not only that, all through the night we hear these cats, fighting, mating and being in heat, wailing, meowing and crying. My young children have seen them mate with 2-4 male cats on a female and asked me what was happening-something I was not ready to explain to them yet!We pay enough tax money in Delaware County that when we call the Upper Darby Animal Warden we, the residents, shouldn't have to pay per animal to have them rounded up and taken to a humane animal facility. doesn't the Animal Warden get a salary for doing his/her job that comes from our tax dollars? Please help our neighborhood-people should not have to live like this.

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