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Animal Issue other than attack


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Owner let dog loose to defecate on other's property. When confronted as to why the dog's aren't leashes, he said he didn't have to leash his dogs and no leash laws exist in Jersey City plus they were "free to roam and do what they want" ie poop everywhere. A small dog being walked In his direction aggravated the Sheltie and the owner had to yank the Sheltie by his collar fur and pick him up so that his dog would not attack the small dog. 305 Varick neighbor stated his older dog was afraid of the Sheltie bc it is aggressive and owner doesn't leash the dog to keep it back. Owner provided his name so I can pass that info on to SCF. Owner stated he has 3 dogs total, 2 of which I witnessed were unleashed. He also lets them defecate on the corner of Varick and Montgomery of which Officer Carlos Hernandez has witnessed.

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Q. What is the issue?
A. Off leash dog/s
Q. What type of animal?
A. Dog
Q. If other is checked, please enter the type of animal here:
A. No Answer Given
Q. Please describe the animal's appearance (ie. brown with short hair)
A. Sheltie - brown and white fur, one wiener dog and couldn't make out third dog

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