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There are multiple street lights that are out all over the town of Saugus , please fix these street lights because this is a safety issue. On Lincoln Street at pole18, pole 66, pole 114, pole 116; on Foss street pole 17/7; on Summer Street pole 13 , pole 33 the street light is on during the day; on Fisk Street pole 1; on Central Street pole 33-1 pole 55, pole 180is on during the day; on Seville Street pole 43; on Ballard Street pole 16, pole 24; on Adams Street pole 22 pole 24; on Winter Street pole 27, pole 72; on Eastern Ave pole 2, pole 7, pole17, pole 23, pole 25; on Bristow Street pole 22; on Main Street pole 10, pole 18, pole 88, pole 187, pole 200; on Water street pole 95; on Walnut Street pole 91; on Jewett Street pole 1; at the corner of Oak Street and Third Street pole 10; On Forest Street pole 2, pole22, pole 30, pole 48, pole 64 , near Kaskubuski Rink Pole 5 , pole 18; on Oaklandvale Ave pole 2, pole 29; on Zito Dr pole 3; on Athens Dr pole26/2; on Pearce Memorial Dr. Pole 2 pole 6; on Parker Street pole 2, pole 10; on Pillings Rd pole 8; on Clifton Ave pole 14, pole 26, pole 28; please fix these street lights.

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