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starbucks has become a homeless/addicts shelter Archived

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more needs to be done to prevent this coffeeshop from becoming a hangout for the homeless. (i don't deny that more needs to be done FOR the homeless, but this one business should not shoulder that burden/suffer because business is driven away.)

every time i visit here, i hear disrespectful language yelled across the store, conversations about drugs including potential drug deals right in the store, and generally offensive conversations. it is very frustrating that this happens often in front of children and first-time visitors to new haven.

i see the same several faces every time who commit these acts. after one guy yelled "f you" loudly across the entire store, i turned and made a motion to calm down with my hand, because there was a 3 or 4 year old in line behind me. he responded with " bl*w me".

bars can ban certain customers who do not behave themselves. can starbucks begin to do the same?


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